Dr. Schlomo Schmuel, DPM is a successful entrepreneur who built a thriving business specializing in Podiatric Medicine. As the owner of Sunset Foot Clinic, he has specialized in mediatric care for yearly 25 years. In fact, he has been serving patients on Sunset Boulevard adjacent to The Happy Foot/Sad Food sign on the border between Silver Lake and Echo Park for a large portion of his professional career.

Who is Dr. Schlomo Schmuel?

dr. schlomo schmuel operating on patient

With nine locations for his business, Dr. Schmuel has his primary business location in Los Angeles, California. In addition, Sunset Foot Clinic is equipped with sophisticated as well as state-of-the-art technology. The clinic provides comprehensive treatment for clients with a variety of different foot and ankle problems. From hammertoes, fungal toenails, ingrown toenails, heel pain, bunions, ankle sprains, and fractures, Dr. Schlomo Schmuel has cared for a multitude of different clients.

Dr. Schlomo Schmuel is a graduate of the Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine in Independence, Ohio. He graduated from this prestigious school in as early as 1991. Since then, he began his internship in Podiatric Surgery and underwent his residency in Podiatric Surgery at the Los Angeles County University of Southern California Medical Center. According to Schlomo, he had a family member who practiced podiatry. To him, it seemed like a very rewarding and fulfilling career option. He always knew that he wanted to become a doctor and practice medicine. In addition, he wanted to use his medical professional and aid others in their pain alleviation.

Personal Life

As a happily married and devoted family man, Dr. Schmuel enjoys spending as much quality time with his family as possible. He firmly believes in staying in shape by exercising regularly, regardless of how busy one’s professional life may be. More specifically, he stays fit by going on walks, jogging, or cycling. In addition, Schlomo is a proud father of three children. In his free time, he takes joy in flying to exotic locations as he also happens to be a commercial pilot for private charters.

dr. schlomo schmuel holding patients' hands

Website, Legacy

On this personal website, Dr. Schlomo Schmuel wishes to humbly showcase his prior accomplishments. As a successful business owner who built a thriving business, Dr. Schmuel wishes to guide others in their pursuit of professional and financial success. In addition, he wishes to connect with individuals that have an interest in podiatry, or medicine in general.

In the near future, he hopes to investigate the latest medical trends with hopes of improving his practice. Dr. Schmuel stays on top of the latest procedures as well as a way to stay competitive in the medical industry.

“If you believe in it, it is not a dream”